Special Spell 30th May

by admin on May 24, 2016

My dear Friends, You know how I like to bring you new and more powerful spells all the time, right? well, now and from my ancient book of shadows I introduce you my special castsĀ  ONLY AVAILABLE ONCE EVERY 10 YEARS!

As you all well know, the Mayan taught us the importance of knowing the movements of celestial bodies around us. They could read into things and they knew when it was more or less favorable to perform rituals. They knew that different positions of the planets and stars tells us when we can harvest energies and project them into our living world. Into magic spells!

Are you, like many others, tired of waiting for result? On May 30th, Mars is closer than in a decade and I know how to exploit this into a 10x as powerful spell than normal.

The special ritual I will perform has been passed down to me by many, many generations and originates from an old ancient coven. Expect to see amazing results. It will surely be memorable! Your spell will be cast on May 30th, so be sure to contact me for further information!

Peace and love <3

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