Back from an amazing retreat

by admin on July 12, 2018

Hi all,

I have been away at a secret retreat with 5 colleagues and it was rewarding! I love meeting up and sharing experiences and expertise. I will now be able to offer new spells and they will up on the website very soon!

In July I will only accept 2 custom spells clients per week, as it will be my month of rest. Please contact me at once if you are in need of fast results!

I wanna end this post by thanking Cathy for her testimonial she sent me to put up on the site.

“I cannot wait in any case to live again and again the same beautiful
experience from the energies of those blessed spells. After my weight loss
spell I eat less sleep well and started JOGGING! !! I had to work out over
10 years. Except the shape of my body. My body changes step by step. Be
blessed my sweet mrs Caitlin.♡”

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