Luck Spells

Now it’s your time to have an easy time. I can make all that bad luck disappear so easily and turn it into luck! Why go around having a bad life when you can make it better with luck spells?! Feel how it is being really lucky! Also, read the FAQ-section before you order.


Every day luck spell
This luck spell will make your everyday lifestyle a lot easier. It those small things in life that can really make the day. Finding the perfect parking space, elevator always there when you need one, benefits here and benefits there. You will feel how it is to be really lucky! 47 USD


Targeted luck spell
This spell is to make 2 specific areas more favorable for you. Maybe you are buying and selling shares, you have your own company or you have a sports career you need some extra luck in? If you combine this spell with a career spell you will have a powerful combo with a great result! 67 USD