FAQ about Lovespellscaster.com

1.Why should I Use your Services?
You came to me for help, right? I will give you very good support and be here for you. I have thousands of happy clients that can testify that. My high rate of success is something I am proud of.

2.How high is the success rate of your spells?
Above 97% success rate. Customers using my Divine spells normally receive results between 1-10 weeks. All other spells 4-12 weeks. It´s very individual.

3. Have you got professional help?
Yes! As I am very busy I have had 5 skilled assistants by my side for the last 16 years. They aid me in all from running the site to helping me in my castings. You might encounter them when you contact me.

4. You are helping people with reuniting and love casting and even doing some counseling – But how is your own love life?
I am happily married since 15 years back. I have 2 children and 1 grandchild. This is my driving force. I know the joy of having a lover, husband, children. I gained all same by using divine magick powers.

5.What gift is this? What powers do you possess?
Rare sensitive spell casting skills, psychic powers. I started practicing long ago and practice gives perfection. I have done all errors there are and all castings are pure and perfect now. My abilities to control the elements of earth and also spirits have helped many through the years to be able to change their future in a better direction.

6.Have you always cast love spells?
YES, but I started out by offering companies and household money spells or success spells. I still master them to perfection. As you see I have a big range of spells. Body modification and beauty are the latest categories of spells I offer.

7.How fast can you cast my spells?
Depends on how much I have to do. But within 4-36 hours Is normal.

8.My need is great because I have a very difficult case. Can you help me?
As I stated before, YES! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

9.There already been a spell cast by some other caster and nothing has happened yet. Can you still cast one for me?
Yes, I can. Normally I will cast a cleansing spell to get rid of the useless spell that has been cast. This is so we will be sure the spell won’t interfere with my casting. If you want the previous spell to remain, please write so when you make the order!

10.So your spells are so cheap because it’s an online service?
Yes, that is correct. In real life, I would charge up to 10x more.


FAQ about White Magick

11.Is white magick Dangerous?
No, there is nothing as dangerous magick as long as your heart is pure. No one around you will come to harm. If it’s filled with bad intentions it can backfire.

12.Can Magick restore my relationship?
Yes, it can, and it’s the second most used method after counseling. How fast results do you want?

13.Is there anything like “Instant Magic?”
Yes and no! If The spell is being cast and both are present at the caster, then there can be something referred to as “instant Magick”. Otherwise No! Only on TV.

14.I live very far would it matter?
Not at all. If you and the person you want live far then you need a stronger spell than if you live close. For great distance always buy “Ancient love combo” or a stronger spell.

15.How long will the spell last?
The spells last normally 2-4 years. If you want a strong and permanent solution, then you need to contact me.

16.Can anyone purchase a spell? Or do I have to be skilled in any way?
Anyone can purchase my spells. You don’t have to have any skills of any sort. I will cast the spells for you.

17.I have been to other spell casters. What can be the reason their spells haven’t helped me?
There are some factors with Magick that you need to know about. First, there is something called “body chemistry” even in spell casting. Actually, some people are resistant to some casters and that may cause the spell to fail. This can only happen if the caster is inexperienced or not skilled enough. Another reason is you have had a too weak spell cast. Sometimes not even a caster can see what lies ahead. Some situations are harder than first believed. If you already have had spells cast, with other casters, without success then consult me as your case is probably hard and you are in need of my more powerful solutions.

18.What information do I need to give?
Full name, birth date, a short description of the case. If you can provide the other parts information and a picture, it will help me when I cast.

FAQ about Ordering

19.How does online purchasing of spells work?
After your purchase, I will cast the spell personally, often the same night as you have ordered it. I use white magick drawn from energy flows on earth and transfers it into universal energy. After you paid with PayPal you will be re-directed to a page on my site to fill out the information I need to successfully cast your love spell. If you are not re-directed then look for a link (“Continue” it most likely says) after the payment is made in PayPal. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF WE SEE YOU HAVE PAID BUT NOT SENT YOUR INFO!

20.Is it possible to order more than one spell for my case? Will they disturb each other or make the effect stronger?
It’s possible to make the effect much stronger by combining 2 or more spells.

21.Can PayPal be trusted for my payments?
Yes! It´s the most secure way to pay. Read more here http://www.PayPal.com.

22.Do you give a guarantee?
YES! Satisfaction Guarantee: In the end, I want all clients will be satisfied. If you have not experienced the full results you can ask for a re-cast or a full refund after 9 months, no questions asked.


FAQ about the cast

23.What happens After you have cast the spell(s)?
You will be notified when to perform an easy candle ceremony. This ceremony is created to empower the cast I do. You are not forced to do the candle ceremony but it’s for your best. You will have all the instructions in the file you downloaded after you sent the information about your case.