Beauty Spells

beauty spells


You deserve to look good and be admired by others. Why should only the rich or the ones with “good” DNA get to look good? I offer my services to let anyone become beautiful. You decide what beauty is. Look below and let my spells help you. These beauty spells work very well together with my body modification spells and weight loss spells. Also, take your time to read the FAQ-section.

“You seem to be doing God’s will on earth. I was ugly I had a lot of hair on all my body… I felt so depressed. Since I wrote to you I changed so much! I even have a boyfriend now!. Bless you!” Jane Yazmian, Utah, USA“I’m so grateful for the pain you took away from me. I was fat and I couldn’t do much about it. I asked for your help and in few weeks I started to lose the overweight I had!” George Mc Donough, Phoenix.

“Hi, I’m Christine from NY. I want to offer you my gratitude for all the help you gave me, Mdm Caitlin. I never was pretty… but you helped me to become a beautiful woman and to love myself; I never forget what you did, I hold you in my heart” Christine P., USA.

Perfect skin spell
I will make your skin perfect. From top to toe. I will remove all scars, unwanted spots, stretch marks, cellulite, and wrinkles. Your facial skin will glow and you will look much younger. 57 USD

Amazing nails and hair spell
Stronger and more radiant hair and nails will just take the breath out of anyone! Make sure to buy this spell and be able to have the hair and nails you always wanted. 57 USD

Remove unwanted hair growth
Unfortunately, some of us get hair in unwanted places. Well, don’t be down because of that. I can make it go away. Just be clear what hair you want to be removed and I remove it permanently. 57 USD

Grow more hair spell
Want more hair on a specific part of you? Or parts? Chin, head, chest? I can make it go grow with this spell. Just be clear what hair you want to grow as it will stay permanently. 67 USD

Nicer hands and feet
Your hands look like they fit the opposite gender but not on you? Too big fingers or too skinny? I will help you get those perfect hands and feet with fitting fingers and toes. 67 USD

Perfect Teeth
Get that perfect Hollywood-smile with white healthy looking  teeth. 67 USD

Custom Beauty spell
3 wishes for your beauty. Chose from the above or some custom wishes or combine. 97 USD