An energetic renewal

Hello to all my friends!

This month the northern hemisphere is changing and leaving the summer behind while getting into the colder months… this has a direct effect in the energies as the planets are changing too.

It is an ideal time to connect with our creative side in all of its manifestations, since it comes to resonate with the capacities that allow us to make this a better place for ourselves.

Communication takes a leading role, since it is the tool which we transmit those feelings that move others. In the emotional sphere it will be positive if we try to make contact with our sensitive side. Rekindle old relationships will be a thing to aim for so do not hesitate to ask me for help.

It is also a perfect moment to purify ourselves internally as well, freeing ourselves from any habit that is already toxic or takes us away from the correct harmony of the universe. So remember that besides the love spells, cleansing spells will help you achieve the best for this month!

Blessings to you all!