Hello to all!

The first Monday of this month, we entered a special time represented by the Archetype “The Agreements”. Under the phase of the Waning Moon, it always invites us to stop and observe ourselves. Time to Clean, Heal, Drain everything related to everything. We perceive it as a commitment, our word our promises.

We come to this Universe with an agreement made upon before being reborn, not to let us forget that every day should not paralyze us or take away our consciousness. Neither of who we are nor what we want. We have come to the world committed to the soul that belongs to us, so let’s begin by generating around us that which we yearn for. We radiate light from different facets, and we have so many different angles internally that projects in our path. We are the sum of all of them!

Let’s close accounts, clean up what no longer works, take out of our own being everything that does not identify us, that does not really belong to us, and from so much holding. Let’s transform the mask we’ve been wearing. Our first Agreement is to be FREE, and find completeness! We need to find the way back to our true selves.

It is time to Bring Back the Shine

Ok, I know, this might sound too much and too far from where we are, but as you know, I am, as a love spells caster, here always to guide you through the path of life and help you out to achieve those things you might think you are incapable of! From the hand of my spells and my magick, let’s make these agreements happen once for all!

Love and light!